PS-101 MS

รหัสสินค้า : PS-101 MS
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    Model        : PS-101MS

   Capacity: 1000 ML
   Material: Plastic ABS
   Operate: Manual
   Dimensions: 114x104x249mm
   Volume: 0.59kg
   Quantity dispenser per pump : 1.5 mL (Liquid , Drop)
                                                     0.4 mL (Foam)
                                                     0.3 mL (Spay)
  • Serves as Container and dispenser of standard liquid , foam or spray
  • Liquid , foam and spray pumps can be exchanged easily
  • Built in wall mounting option
  • Container can be removed from holder and is easy to clean
  • Easy to use and operate- One push optimize dispense needs minimum force to wash your hand
  • Sleek and contoured body made of high impact ABS

Warranty: 1 Year
Price List: 1,000